Josh always dreamed of being a Medical Helicopter Pilot. "Courage" was shot in 2013 during a Make-A-Wish-Type "Dream Come True," a gift from Lutheran Hospital in Ft. Wayne Indiana 2 months after Josh was admitted into Hospice care. If you are having a rough day, this is a great video to watch. The song is powerful. Thank you, too, to all who helped make this flight-of-a-life-time come true ... Especially Tammy Else, Catie Makinson, and Group Publishing for allowing us to use their VBS song, Fly. And to Adam Makinson who made this website come to life!

Celebrate the miracle of family! Not ever family is created in the same way, but every family is created by God. Hear the story. Sense the joy. Share the love. And join the mission. Special thanks to Shane Trowbridge for creating this masterpiece. He was in the right place at the right time and allowed God to work is a great big way!

In 2015 we met a Jen Danczak who was working for 21 Alive in Ft. Wayne. Magnetic and loving, Jen created this touching video. Come meet our family!

Outside of Jesus, nothing is more important to Josh than family, and making sure every kid has one. Only one month into Hospice Care, Josh went on a mission to unite Jing (a 12-year old boy from China) with his yet-to-be-known forever family. It's a story filled with one miracle after another from the moment Josh decided to "Make a Difference" to the moment the plane touched down in Nebraska and Jing, Lisa (mom), Mike (dad), and Ally (sister) became a forever family. Read the story. Watch the video!

God has good news for you. God is real. He is a creative genius. Just look around! God is real, not sterile and far off, but fully aware of all our emotions and the nuances of our lives, our pain, or dreams. God has a book, a record of his work and his love. It is packed with real live stories of real live people … the good, the bad, and the ugly. God is also relational. He wants you to get to know him, the real him, not the one many misguided people portray. He wants you to know him on a first name basis, with refrigerator rights. (Refrigerator Rights: You know someone so well that you can walk into their house, head for the frig, and rummage for food without the need to ask!) God is poised and positioned to meet our known and unknown needs, creating for us a life that often feels out of reach. He does not pursue us with force or manipulation. He knocks. He invites. He waits. And the second we are ready, He runs - arms opened wide.

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