Sharing Diamonds

Help Josh pass out RED DIAMONDS! Join the team of thousands worldwide! His goal is 1,000,000. It's not about the numbers, it's about the people, the stories, and the power of God at work in amazing ways. We would LOVE to hear about when you were given a Red Diamond or how you shared Red Diamonds! Feel free to send us photos, too!

We would love to hear about when you were given a Red Diamond or how you shared Red Diamonds!

How to buy Diamonds

  • Hobby stores: Red Diamonds can be purchased at hobby stores or on Amazon
  • We like 14mm Red Diamonds (about the size of a dime) or 25mm (about the size of a nickel)
  • On-line: We currently buy 25mm diamonds in 1-lb. bags of 240 gems for $10.98 (and no shipping) from Amazon. Each "Red Diamond" is less than 5 cents. Heres the link:


Check out these Care Cards that briefly explain Josh's story and include website information. The Care Cards come in different formats: color, photo and simple black/white text.

Ways to share Red Diamonds

  • Some people say "Can I give you a Red Diamond? I'm passing them out for a 19 year-old boy name Josh who is in Hospice Care. He wants to give out 100,000 before he dies." (People usually hold out their hand.) "There's a message that comes with this Red Diamond:"

    1. This little gem is red because love matters
    2. This little gem is a Diamond because God does amazing things under heat and pressure.
  • Some people keep a bowl on their desk.
  • One church plans on giving five Red Diamonds to every one at church challenging them to share their diamonds in the week ahead. Then they will have a chance to share their stories the next week at worship. Josh's story may only be the first of many that will be shared with some little treasure in the years ahead.
  • Some people keep them in pockets or purses.
  • Some are handing them out in small or large groups. A DVD of Josh and his story may be available soon.
  • Some people are mailing them to others. They are using Red Diamond stickers.
  • Some are printing the Care Cards on stock paper in color. They have found mini zip-lock bags and little red diamonds at Hobby Lobby which they staple to the corner of the Card.
  • They have been handed out to tricker-treaters!
  • They are being handed out to special groups: people in nursing homes, group homes, shelters, NICU (neonatal intensive care units), jails etc.
  • They have been given away for Valentines Day!
  • They work great as Christmas tree ornaments!