On A Mission

A Bucket List makes memories. Josh has a Bucket List. It includes things like: harvesting corn and sugar beets, registering to vote, hosting a shrimp boil, flying in a helicopter, meeting someone from Duck Dynasty and a "ride along" in a police car.

Josh has a second list. It's his "Go Make a Difference" (M.A.D.) List. This one is about being a part of miracles-in-the-making. High-flow oxygen and a 24-hour pain pump allow Josh to get out of the house so that his love can "Make A Difference" in the lives of others. "I have no time to waste."

Sometimes when you pray you "get" a miracle. Sometimes when you pray you "get to be" a miracle. Josh is a man on a mission. Red Diamond Days seems to have set into motion, two exciting things:

Love Makes A Difference

Josh is up to all kinds of things. The list below is not complete. It seems like God opens doors every week for new adventures like handing out diamonds to the snow plow drivers, skyping with kids at a group home and calling former teachers to tell them "thanks for doing such a good job." Some of the things on Josh's list include big dreams that will require a small army. Maybe you'll want to join the ranks for an item or two. Let the Spirit lead the way.